Saturday, April 19, 2014

Boycott subscription to World Cup matches

I will not subscribe to the World Cup 2014 matches.

In fact, I stopped subscribing to Starhub Sports channel 5 years ago. My son watches some matches online live, and I watch some highlights on YouTube. The new arrangement works fine for us.

I strongly dislike the wasteful “competition” in Singapore, lack of regard for the interest of consumers and the incompetence of our regulators and government leaders.

The best recourse is for consumers to boycott the subscription to the World Cup now, and Engiish Premier League matches for next season. Let our voices be heard loud and clear.

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yujuan said...

The share of the French Telecoms came crashing down when a new entrant with new technology was allowed to enter market.
That's what is needed to fix the comfortable position enjoyed by our 3 Phones, the most unethical of all, Singtel. At least 2 new entrants would be ideal.

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