Thursday, June 09, 2016

Finally, finally, the waiting time at the pedestrian crossing is shortened

I suspect that the Land Transport Authority had just changed the timing for the green man to appear at the pedestrian crossing in Yio Chu Kang Road, near my house.

Previously, it took more than 2 minutes for the green man to appear. Yesterday, the waiting time was shorter.

I measured the waiting time this monring. I crossed the road and returned back. I had to press the button for the green man a total of 4 times, as the button control only 1 side of the road.

On three occasions, the green man appeared within 30 seconds. On the last occasion, it appeared within 1 minute. I find this to be an acceptable time.

This evening, the waiting time was shorter, less than 10 seconds on both occasions.

What was the convoluted logic that was used? It would be simpler if the green man appear after 30 seconds. If it was pressed recently, then the waiting time could be 1 minute. There is no need to have a waiting time of 10 seconds.

There is one problem. In the past, the traffic stopped for the "ghosts" to cross the road. After this change, the "ghosts" have to cross the road at the same time as the people.

I just received a complaint from the "ghosts". They don't like to cross the road with people. They said that I was responsible for this change. Hahaha.

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