Saturday, June 11, 2016

Online Shopping Experience - Q10, Lazada, Ali Express

I placed one order with Ali Express a long time ago. It did not leave any impression on me at that time. It was not particularly appealing.

Later, I shopped with Q10. I was able to find many products that I needed. I placed many orders. the initial experience was satisfactory.

Later, I found their pricing information to be unsatisfactory. They showed a low price for a product and add the price according to 3 levels of options. The final price was much higher than initially advertised.  I found this method of showing the price to be unsatisfactory. I also disliked their high shipping cost. I decided to abandon it after I learned about Lazada.

I liked the user interface provided by Lazada. The items were easy to search. They showed the price details clearly with the price. They provided an immediate checkout for single item purchase. I found the ordering process to be easy and placed many orders on Lazada.

One day, I had a terrible experiene with Lazada's online process. For a refund of $15 for a badly described and defective product, they made me go through more than 10 emails and hours. The experience was enough for me. No more business for Lazada.

I went back to Ali Express today. I faced a little trouble retrieving my old account, but managed it.

The online shopping experience with Ali Express was excellent. It was as good as the Lazada website. Ali Express also provided free shipping to Singapore. The shipping date was rather long, but it was not an issue for me. I had read a comment in my Facebook page that the refund process for Ali Express was easy.

Both Q10 and Lazada are websites developed and managed in Singapore. I would have liked to support them, but they really made life difficult for me. I shall be trying with Ali Express for a while to test the online shopping experience.

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