Sunday, June 05, 2016

Bernie Sanders continues to raise funds for progressive lawmakers

Sisters and Brothers,
When we started our campaign, we had the support of hundreds of thousands of grassroots supporters beginning to build the movement that we know today.And the first member of Congress who saw the potential of our political revolution was Congressman Raúl Grijalva.
Raúl was the very first member of Congress to endorse our campaign, and he did so proudly. He is a progressive leader in Congress who's not afraid to stand up to the political establishment.
And now, as we enter the final primaries of the campaign, I will be campaigning in California with my friend Raúl Grijalva by my side once more. He is the exact kind of progressive hero we need in Congress, and that's why, with the polls so close, I need to ask you to help us win.
When we faced some of the most disingenuous attacks in our primary, it was Raúl who was out in front with the media to defend our campaign. It was Raúl who helped organized young Latinos in states across the country. And it's Raúl's solid progressive vision that we need to continue to have in Congress.
Every single poll in California shows it's going to be extremely close. That's why Raúl is spending the last days before this primary right by my side, earning every vote we can.
We need your help now to win California, and Raúl needs your help to win his re-election to Congress in November.
In solidarity,
Bernie Sanders

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