Saturday, June 11, 2016

Need to improve signs in Singapore

We need to improve our signs in Singapore. The signs in many places in Singapore are not helpful and do not address the needs of the public.

I went to Paragon Mall at Orchard Road for a brunch at Imperial Treasures restaurant. On entering the mall from the taxi stand, I looked for signs or an information desk. I could not find any.

I searched Google for the restaurant. It said that the restaurant is at #05-51. I went to the escalator. I do not know which level I was currently at.

I took the escalator up floor by floor. There was no sign to indicate which level I was at. I had to look for the address at a shop. Many shops do not show this address. I was able to find one to tell me the level.

I went up the escalator again and now counted each floor as I went up.

After the brunch, I had to leave the restaurant. There was no sign to the entrance. I walked the wrong way. The waitress had to tell me which is the way to the entrance.

I had a lot of trouble in getting directions from signs all over the place in Singapore. It is our local culture to be unhelpful in providing signs. Sigh!

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fairplay said...

Agree with you, Mr Tan, badly managed shopping centers have unit numbers on their shopfronts but they have unit numbers on their advertisements or directories.

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