Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Tower Transit has absorbed the local culture

When Tower Transit started its operations, I sent an email to the communication manager to congratulate them and to make some suggestion on how they can improve their service. I also referred them to my letter that was published on that day in the Straits Times.

I did not get any acknowledgement for three days. I posted a blog to express my disappointment at a lack of response. Link.

I received an reply from the communications manager the same day. I suspect that my blog posting prompted the reply. It is quite common for people to ignore feedback, until the issue gets hot or ugly!

The reply is what was expected - sorry, we have been busy with the launch. Thank you for your suggestion. I will bring it to the attention of the people involved.

Five days have passed.  None of the "people involved" contacted me by email or telephone. They do not even want to talk about how my suggestion could help to improve their service. They are not interested to hear any feedback.

I do not expect an early decision. But I do expect them to contact me and learn more about what I have in mind. If they do not even want to hear the suggestion or to understand the suggestion, how are they ever going to improve?

I am used to this kind of non-response from government agencies and large organizations in Singapore over the past one or two decades.

I had hoped that a company from the United Kingdom could behave differently. I was disappointed. Tower Transit has embraced the local culture within a short time.  I cannot honestly say - wish them all the best.


Gintai_昇泰 said...

Maybe they will contact soon cuz you blog about them again! Lol!

Yujuan said...

Kudos to Mr.Tan, ever trying to offer suggestions to make living here more simple. There are 2 reactions to public suggestions, total indifference and the shrug off, or they take notice, but ego arrests them, then much later make some adjustments and pass off as their own.
Heard the coffee shop uncles, that Tower Transit dun totally take on local culture, deviating from SBS and SMRT rules forcing drivers to wash their buses after work duty. This put smiles on Tower's drivers' faces, driving in clogging traffic here is already mentally exhausting.
Give Tower Transit bit time, it's challenging to start business in a foreign country. Require a foreign competitor to push the 2 GLCs Operators' Board of Directors off their comfortable seats. Better service in the works, because of this "Foreign Talent".

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