Tuesday, June 07, 2016

The guide at the bus stop can show the Sequential Stop No

At each bus stop, there is a panel showing all the bus services that serve that bus stop. Here is an example of the information on service 857. The image is not clear, so you have to accept my description below.

If the commuter takes this service and wish to alight at Raffles Hotel, the guide indicate that the distance is 13.2 km from the current stop.

It will be useful for the sequential stop number for Raffles Hotel to be shown, e.g. Stop No 34 (according to http://c-pearl.com/BusService.aspx).

When the passenger board the bus at this stop, the sequential stop number displayed in the bus will show Stop No 15.

As the bus moves along the journey, the Stop No will increase by 1 at each stop. The passenger will know when to alight the bus, i.e. when the Stop No is 34. He does not need to know the landmark. He can also alight at the correct stop when it is dark at night or raining.

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Anonymous said...

Not practical at all. After 5 minutes, u will say 'aiyah I have counted to what number already?'

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