Friday, March 31, 2017

Comedy of the Elected President

In their infinite wisdom, the Singapore government has created a wonderful new play, in fact a comedy, which is likely to achieve international stature. It is called the Comedy of the Elected President.…


Yujuan said...

Many people voted for TCB at the last PE, expecting him to voice his protest when Parliament was debating the critical change to the PE system, with social media expressing sympathy the whole wayang comedy's main motive is to kick him out of the race for good.
But the former PAP man again played safe, keeping mum mum.
The horse has long bolted off, mate, letting down those who supported
him with high hopes before.

Yujuan said...

The new elected PE System glaringly display the character of the PAP Govt.
First, the first elected President was very obviously Ong Teng Cheong, cannot any how change history lidat, even if the Govt dislke him, but many people pay homage to his selfless work in the Labour movement.
Even former retired Malaysian workers came down to attend his funeral.
Just asked some questions about our National Reserves, what's wrong with that? Give this man one glass of beer, mate, why so vengeful and stingy, he had contributed so much to Singapore, cannot any how erase off lidat also.
2nd, what's wrong with TCB be our President?
Come on, TCB is a very pragmatic man who won't rock the boat of his former masters. Most probably he would ask questions too and that's what citizens want someone "non partisan" like him to do, and then we watch how the Govt reply. That's what the people expect CB to do only, not rock the boat also.
Even this the Govt shows its intolerance to this extreme.
If only yes man/woman can be our President, just scrap off the election wayang, and appoint their own kind. Why waste resources and time, spare the citizens to take time off to vote, let us concentrate to struggle for our living, our time better spent on keeping up with a new world, keeping up with technology, and do "National Service" producing more babies. Working and retraining cut into our sex time, no extra energy to make love except to sleep.
Conclusion, our time better spent elsewhere.

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