Friday, March 31, 2017

Side gate at Midview City

This is a side gate at Midview City. It cuts down the walking distance to the bus stop at Upper Thomson Road by 300 meters for people working in the first block of Midview City. It took 7 years for the MCST management to decide to open this gate.

Midview City is a large industrial estate comprising of 6 mega blocks. They have a fence to enclose the entire area and have two entrances for cars. The people have to walk to these entrances/ exits to leave Midview City.

Why is it necessary to enclose this industrial estate? It is not a military complex. The enclosure forces the workers to walk additional distances every day.

I raised this issue with the MCST manager many years ago. He did not reply to me. Now, after a long time, the side gate is open.


Anonymous said...

Socioeconomic culture-clash.

Midview City is leasehold private property. Just like condos, investors & owners of their strata-title units want their investments / property to be protected. The land is private property and according to the Land Titles (Strata) Act, owners of leasehold land have the right to fence / wall up their property and employ security guards.

Unlike a condo where consideration should be made for convenience of residents who walk / cycle, for commercial properties the focus is on commercial activities --- in terms of transportation this means vehicles, vans, lorries etc. People in commercial properties who walk / cycle/ take public transport are usually lower level staff & not a high priority for mgmt or owners.

Another argument is that opening side gates increases costs & complexity for security. Simple things such as remembering to lock the side gate at e.g. 9pm & having guards to patrol and/or CCTV to monitor the side gate etc. If want to implement card access lock for the gate then extra costs & security implications also.

Rosemonk said...

Was the MCST Chairperson suffering from brainfreeze or is that the decision of a new team?

Kin Lian Tan said...

There is no need to treat a mega complex like a small private condo. There is no need to set up a fence in the first place. What are we trying to achieve? Are we stopping non-residents from visiting Midview City?

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