Thursday, March 30, 2017

Firends Provident Global Wealth Advance savings plan

Dear Mr. Tan

I'm a 32 years old expat professional working in Singapore. My husband and I recently had our first son and with that comes a stronger urge of saving.

We have been recommended to invest in a Friends Provident, Global Wealth Advance saving plan. But after 7 months a banker friend did show us what does the % fee really mean, this is when we understood how inconvenient was the policy for us, and how misleading is the way the sell it.

I want to put the case on MAS. The Financial Adviser who sold the policy did not advise us in our best interest because they are way better products for money savings

I need your help to find a group of people who might be similarly misled. I wish to invite them to join forces with us to present a strong case at MAS.

If anyone faces the same problem as this writer or bought a similar policy, you can share your experience here or send an email to

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