Monday, March 27, 2017

Locking up the locker

The fitness center in the Manila hotel provides lockers which require the user to set a 4 digit code. As I was a first time user, a staff had to explain to me how this system works.

Apart from remembering the 4 digit code that I had used, I had to pay attention to the locker number.

The Grassroots club in Singapore used an old fashion key for each locker. They also had a tag to show the locker number. I find this system to be more practical.

The Manila hotel probably cater to their members who use the locker to keep their exercise wear on a long term basis. The 4 digit code suit them well, as they don't have to carry the extra key.

Here is a test of common sense. Which system should the fitness center provide, since they have to cater to long term members and to once-off hotel guests?

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