Saturday, April 01, 2017

Encourage Signaporeans to take risk

How can we encourage Singaporeans to take risk, work as a team and think big?

Here are the results of the voting by the Crowd.

The two most important factors are:

a) Change the top level of government
b) Eduation reform

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Anonymous said...

I don't think so.
Taking risk is kind of personal character.
People like me , never want to take risk to buy any equity.
Even ETF STI , I am also not touching it yet even it is low risk product.
But many people dare to take risk and bought equity.

Simply changing of government will resolve matter but make the situation worse.
Probably you won't agree , but this is what I observe for quite a few countries for few years.
Different country has different culture and has of course has different way of handling the issue.France and Germany are different even they are Europe countries. Changing of government is easy , if the next government work much much worse than previous government, do you think just vote back the previous Party will solve the issue (At that time , scenerio and people are different) ? Remember , SG is not US , SG doesn't have equivalent capable party.
Complaining is easy , criticising is easy but make it work certainly is not as easy.

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