Saturday, April 01, 2017

Minimum wage in Singapore

The Singapore government does not wish to implement a minimum wage. The Philippine government adopt a different approach. They have a minimum wage in their own country and also implement it for Filipinos working abroad. They have implemented it in Singapore in a creative way.…/minimum-pay-…/3642042.html…

A minimum wage has some benefits and some challenges. On the whole, the benefits outweigh the challenges. That is why many countries have a minimum wage. Singapore should also introduce it.

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Anonymous said...

I think introduce Minimun Wage can make the situation more rigid.
For eg , if we introduce Minimun Wage let say 1000.00
A worker has long not under employment and luckily found this Job.
But he is quite old and company has doubt on his capability and would like to give him lower paid first for 3 month under observation. But the paid the company would like to offer is SGD700.00 . But under the Minimun Wage law, the company is unable and has to forfeit this worker.

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