Saturday, November 18, 2017

A straight bridge for the Woodlands-JB Rail Link

The original design of the JB-Woodlands Rail Link specifies a height of 30 meters for ships to pass under. This require a crooked bridget to get the length for this clearance.

The Johor Sultan objected to the crooked design.

The new design requires a straight bridge. But the clearance is only 25 meter. The sultan approved this design. Click here.

I agree with the sultan. The straight bridge looks better and is cheaper to construct.

The question is - why do we need a 30 meter clearance. The Tuas 2nd Link has a clearance of only 25 meter. If the Woodlands JB link is increased to 30 meter, it would required the Tuas 2nd Link to be raised to 30 meter. This would be very expensive and disruptive.

Do we really need to raise the clearance to 30 meter? Are we expected bigger ships go go under the bridge? How much is the additional cost and how much is being borne by Singapore?

We are not getting answers to important questions involved billions of dollars. It is very sad for Singapore to have our government run the country in this non-transparent and non-accountable manner.

Tan Kin Lian

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