Monday, November 13, 2017

Unable to claim for cataract operations under Medisheld

I went for my cataract operation. The operation on each eye cost me about $5,000. I was not able to claim on Medisheld. Why?

The actual cost for the cataract operation was about $3,000 as a private patient. Medishield applies a proration of 50%, so the claimable amount was $1,500. This fell completely within the annual deductible of $1,500. So, Medishield paid $0.

The other expenses are for pre and post-operation consultations, etc. They are not covered by Medishield.

My two cataract was done in different years. So, the annual deductible applies to each operation. If I had them done in the same year, I could claim $1,500 on the second operation.

I paid cash for my treatment. I could use Medisave, but I prefer to keep my money in Medisave to earn 4% interest. My cash in the bank earns 0.1% or less.

What is my point?

Our Medishield and health care system are quite complicated. Even I could get confused.

I hope that one day, a new government would simplify the financing system for the good of ordinary people.

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