Monday, November 13, 2017

Daniel Yong's Article #3 - Work Style

Hi Kin Lian,

Just this week, our work team wrapped up a major series of events as part of on-going engagement with a foreign government at a high level. The work had been weeks in the planning and on the final days everyone in our small team got involved. It was all hands on deck.

Later that day, we celebrated the successful conclusion with drinks at the local pub. Our executive director came by and joined in. He was relaxed and shared with us what happened on the side lines which not everyone knew. Conversation also drifted to a bit to our private lives and family and such. My point in saying all this is that we take time to celebrate our successes. We drink, talk, relax, and unwind. In that process, we also debrief a little and "share notes" on what happened during the day.

The mood is open. Essentially this is how it works: you work hard, relax well, and sometimes also play hard (if you have time). This is part of work life balance and is a major part of working well in a team at work. This relieves stress and sets us up for the next working week.

How does this differ from work life in Singapore? How often does something like this happen in Singapore generally? Do you trust your colleagues enough to share what when well and what didn't? Do people even take time outside of work to do so? Or do most people "keep their cards close to their chest?"

I know there must be some very good work teams even in Singapore but I think generally people do not take time out in Singapore and even if they do, it's company sponsored and just an event people have to go. Or perhaps in Singapore many work teams are too busy "fighting fires" or playing office politics. Something to think about. But I must say I'm really fortunate to have such a good team.

Daniel Yong

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