Thursday, November 16, 2017

Make better use of email

I took a full bood test last week. My doctor scanned the medical report and sent them to me by email.

We know that email is not secure and that a medical report is private and sensitive, right?

Was it correct for my doctor to send this sensitive personal information by email, which is not secure?

Well, I thank my doctor for using this form of communication. If any hacker wants to hack my email and read my medical report, they are welcomed to it.

If they are caught, I will lodge a police report to charge them for invasion of privacy. If they are not caught, it does not bother me.

For those who are interested, the report showed that I have high cholesterol but I am otherwise in good health. But my HDL reading is good and the ratio of total/HDL is acceptable.

Still I will take the doctor's advice and watch my diet. Maybe, I will take some medication to reduce the cholesterol level as well.

Isn't it boring? There must be a few hundred thousand people in Singapore with high cholesterol, right?

I hope that the Singapore government will address their paranoia about the "insecurity of email" and encourage the use of email for communication, especially if the receiver has agreed to accept the risk of the email being hacked.

I would like all my bills and routine communication to reach me by email. I am tired of getting physical mail, which I often do not read.

Tan Kin Lian

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