Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Phantom of Oxley Castle

There is some mystery over the events that led to the cancellation of the book launch of "The Phantom of Oxley Castle".

This is just my guess. It is pure speculation.

Someone from the "government" probably called the staff at the Art House and told him that the book is defamatory and that the they would be receiving a lawyer's letter on Monday.

The staff probably called the publisher and said that the prime minister will be suing the publisher over this book. This was probably what he interpreted about "they would be receiving a letter". He probably advised the pubisher that it would be best to cancel the book launch. The publisher agreed.

Later, everyone denied that they made they made the statement that the prime minister will sue the publisher. The Online Citizen had to issue an unreserved apology over the earlier report on this matter.

Now, there is some confusion over who was the party that decided to call off the book launch. Anyway, does not really matter?

This episode showed how that many Singaporeans are cowards and are easily frightened over this small matter. Their focus seems to be how to avoid responsibility for the mistake, how to cover up the mistake or push the blame to the other party.

Anyway, the letter from the prime minister never arrived. It could be just a bluff.

I wonder if the prime minister is proud of the character of many Singaporeans, as reflected by this incident?

Tan Kin Lian

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