Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Are things actually all right in Singapore?

Sometimes I wonder if things are actually all right in Singapore, except that detractors (including me), exaggerate the negative aspects.

If we continue to trust the PAP government, can we look towards a better future? Let them find the answers for us, as they are well paid to do this work. They are probably the most qualified talents available in Singapore.

However, there is another part of my brain that says that the problems are really serious and that the PAP government is the underlying cause of this situation.

The challenges faced by the people in Singapore are quite similar to those faced in other countries.

The neo-liberal philosophy that has guided economic policies in the free world for three decades have produced serious inequality. This is very bad in US, Singapore and a few third world countries, but not so bad in Europe, Australia and other countries.

Singapore is therefore not unique in having the problem of inequality, but we are probably an extreme case.

The next question is - can we trust the PAP leaders to recognize the flaw and to put in corrective measures?

My frank view is - NO. There is something seriously wrong with the whole process of governance in Singapore. Here are the flaws:

a) We have a "sleeping" parliament
b) We are run by elites who think that they know all the answers.
c) Our elections are not fair and not free.
d) Many govt policies are half baked, because they come from an over-powerful leader.

I may be biased and pessimistic in my view on this matter. But normally, I am an optimistic person.

What is the solution? There are two options:

a) For the people to change the government
b) For the PAP to realize that they should listen to the people and involve them in the major policy decisions. For example, they can adopt the referendum system to decide on major policies.

Tan Kin Lian

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Anonymous said...

We were at a post office and an elderly lady maybe in her fifties was shouting loudly how her immensely dislike for the Pose And Profits (PAP). What utterly shocked us was in such a manner that was so publicly style displayed. She even went to the extend of shouting that if anyone of her family members vote for them she would cut ties with her family members. While a lot of us lamented how things are spiralling downwards and that the future looks dim, some people still voted for them citing lack of credible oppositions. So after what was witnessed at the post-office we are now so sure that except for some with millions salaries citizens , new citizens and the bo chups, most will vote for TCB.
There will always be people who will not like them due to personal affected policies, but this time is different. Pose And Pose (PAP) What Li Kuan Yew feared is finally coming true. Their approaches are choking our dreams and our options in our lives are extremely cramp. Those Chinese speaking are even contemplating migrating to either Penang or Thailand which were not heard of in Li Kuan Yew or Goh Chok Tong's reign.

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