Monday, October 08, 2018

Travel in West Malaysia

My friend lives in Kluang and travels to Singapore weekly.
I followed him on a trip to Kluang, and then to Segamat, Malacca, KL, Ipoh, Penang - all by bus and train.

I am now quite familiar with traveling to towns in West Malaysia.

It is convenient to travel by express bus from one town to another. Within the town, you can now call Grab. It is convenient and inexpensive.

Have a data card and get Google Map to guide you. You can also ask Google to tell you about the good eating places.

Most of the people can speak English. But it will be nice to learn some Malay words. I see the Malay words on signboards and check with Google Translate. My standard of Malay has improved a lot.

Is it risky? No! The people are nice and helpful. I met all the races and enjoy their friendship.

I suggest that Singaporeans should travel to Malaysia and see for yourself. Do not be misguided that it is an unsafe country. Do not form opinion out of ignorance.

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