Sunday, October 07, 2018

Bad computer system with Scoot

I traveled on JetStar for the past ten years.

Recently, I decided to change to Scoot. My experience with Scoot was quite discouraging, for the following reasons:

a) They require me to login with my KrisFlyer number. I tried to login with my email address and password, but it failed.

b) I tried to change my Profile. It showed "Internal Server Error".

c) I book a ticket for a friend and used his credit card. They asked for a lot of details to create a customer profile. It was difficult to do it when we were overseas, use a mobile phone and the internet connection was poor.

It is sad that the people who designed the system in Scoot did not make things easy for their customer. They are likely to lose a lot of customers with their bad systems.

Their parent, Singapore Airlines had a bad system with poor customer experience. I had not been using them for a long time. On the few occasions that I used it, it was quite difficult.

Singapore Airlines and its subsidiary Scoot is chasing away its customers with a bad computer system.

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