Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Different Grab services

There are four Grab services:

a) JustGrab - you get a car or taxi
b) GrabTaxi - you get a taxi only
c) GrabCar - you get a car - not taxi.
d) GrabShare - you get a car or taxi and share with other passengers

The cheapest fare is GrabShare, followed by GrabCar, followed by JustGrab and the most expensive is GrabTaxi.

For people who prefer a taxi, just call GrabTaxi. It is more convenient than calling a taxi on the road. However, I suspect that not many taxi drivers are on this platform. This may change.

My preference is JustGrab. I have taken many Grab trips with non taxis. Generally, they are quite safe.

I have taken GrabShare before, but I don't like the detour. But maybe, I will try it again.

In case of accident, I have a personal accident policy that pays $1 million on death. It cost me about $600 a year.

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