Wednesday, October 10, 2018

LRT to link Singapore and Johor Bahru

Dear Tan,
I have seen you mention about the jam on the causeway. I was wondering if we could build a monorail or LRT system above the causeway which could ferry the passengers to and fro Malaysia and Singapore to replace the buses.

Such a system would be cheaper than the MRT line. Both countries will need to connect their MRT to their ICQ building to disperse the crowd . People who use it regularly could buy a monthly concession ticket. ICA could also scan their passport prior to enter the LRT. Foreigner who brought the concession will have all the relevant information stored in concession ticket to reduce the time to process the relevant travel documents.

They are building the new RTS (rapid transit link) between Woodlands North Station and Chagar Station (JB). It is a LRT and will be ready by 2024.

In the meantime, commuters can use the KTM Trebau Express to travel from Woodlands to JB Sentral. They have joint checkpoint clearance. The total time to reach JB is 10 mins, including the checkpoints.

The Malaysian govt wants to increase the frequency, but the Singapore govt has not given a reply.

In my view, the frequency and capacity can and should be increased 4 times.

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yuen said...

It is possible to build a light rail between yew tee mrt station and woodlands immigration point along the old railway corridor. There is no need to build tunnels and viaducts as there is a clear right of way

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