Thursday, March 08, 2007

Find a locksmith

I needed a locksmith to open the door to my study room (which was locked accidentally).

I checked the Yellow Pages. Several of the locksmiths did not answer the telephone. One finally did, and quoted a price of $85 for this service.

I called NTUC Income. It was answered immediately. They called a locksmith to contact me. The locksmith returned by call and quoted $50 (the normal charge). He came within half an hour.

If you need a locksmith or a contractor to fix your home, you can call the hotline of NTUC Income, ie 63INCOME (63462663).


Anonymous said...

Mr Tan,

There are some housing agents who charge the equivalent of 1 month's rental for renewal of rental contract of 2 years even if the landlord does not involve the agent in the renewal of the lease. I think that is exorbitant as agent's commision should only be paid when work is done eg at the initial leasing. If the rental is $4,000 per month, commision of $4000 would mean that the first months rental goes to the agent not only at the onset but also at the renewal 2 years later.

Does Income Centre recommend housing agents?

What are your comments please?

Anonymous said...

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