Sunday, December 16, 2007

How long does it take to solve a Logic Quiz?

Dear Mr. Tan,

How much time should a person take to solve the Logic Quiz? How did you manage to create so many quizzes? It must have take a lot of time!


When I first started to solve a 5X5 quiz (identified as type A), it took 30 minutes. After practicing many times, I am now able to solve it in 6 minutes. For the simple 4X4 quiz (identified as type J), I now take 3 minutes.

I wrote a computer program (using DOS BASIC language) to generate the quizzes. I am now able to produce 100 quizzes in 3 seconds. They follow different rule structures, and jumbles around the people and their characteristics. All the puzzles appear different.

If there is demand, I will print a book of puzzles. If not, I will publish in my website and let people exercise their minds.

You can try more quizzes at my website:

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