Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Taxi service in Singapore

I read that the taxi situation remained unsatsifactory, in spite of the recent increase in fares. Commuters have to wait for one hour to get a taxi. Many taxis refuse to pick up passengers at the taxi stand. They wait for a booking.

My friend made this observation. The taxi fares and surcharges in Singapore are confusing. The taxi driver knows how to take the best advantage of the situation. The passengers are helpless.

What is wrong with the taxi service in Singapore? How can the situation be improved? I shall give my suggestions in my website in one or two weeks' time.

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wizardl74 said...

Hi Mr Tan,

Years ago, I saw a TV advertisement which, I felt, conveyed the message to the point. On a street, an unshaven man was running towards the back of a well-dressed lady, carrying a lavish handbag. The screen froze when the man made contact with the lady.

The next scene showed both the man and lady on the street ground. Behind them, a shattered piece of glass which apparently has just fallen from the building above them.

What has been reported in the media seems to be an one-sided story, told from the consumers' point of view so far. To understand the frustrations of the consumers, it seems necessary to first understand how the taxi drivers operate - at the end of the day, they have to earn a living.

While I stay neutral on this, I feel that to comment without having a basic understanding of the topic to comment on is really hard to convince.

Best Wishes

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