Monday, December 17, 2007

Buy Motor Insurance Directly

Here are the tips to pay less for your motor insurance.

1. Put a reminder in your diary two months before the expiry date of your motor insurance policy.

2. Get the following particulars of your motor car:

Particulars of car (model, engine capacity*, year of registration, market value*)
Particulars of owner (age, years of driving experience, occcupation)
Type of cover (comprehensive, third party only, third party with fire and theft)
No-claim discount for past year
Any claims during the current year?
Previous year's premium

* these data are optional and may not be asked by some insurers (as they can figure them out using your car model).

Normally, you ask for Comprehensive cover. If your car is too old, the insurer may offer Third Party cover only.

3. Get the hotline number of the top motor insurers, e.g. NTUC Income, AIG, AXA

4. Give a call to the hotline and ask for a quote. Ask them if you give you a discount for calling them directly. If they charge a higher premium than for your previous year, ask them why they are charging more. (They may give you a discount to attract your business).

5. If you are not sure about the quality of the claim service, call the claim hotline now (i.e. do not wait until you have an accident) and see if it is easy to get through and if the staff is polite and friendly.

6. Make your decision two weeks before expiry.

Here are the contact numbers of the insurance companies that are active in motor insurance. You can send a fax to them or call their hotline to ask for a quote for your motor insurance.

American Home (AIG), Tel No. 6419 1000 Fax No. 6835 7401
AXA Insurance, Tel: 6338 7288 Fax: 6338 2522
China Insurance Tel: 6389 6111 Fax: 6222 1033
HSBC Insurance, Tel: 6225 6111Fax : 6732 0743
India International, Tel: 6347 6100 Fax: 6225 7743 6224 4174
Mitsui Sumitomo, Tel: 6220 9644 Fax: 6225 6371
NTUC Income, Tel No. 6336 3322 Fax No. 6338 1500
Tenet Insurance, Tel: 6221 2211 Fax: 6221 3302
Tokio Marine, Tel: 6221 6111 Fax: 6224 0895


Anonymous said...

This is a good suggestion. I shall try it. I hear that the motor insurance rates will increase as the insurance companies claim that they are losing money.

I better be prepared now, and learn how to get a better price by shopping around.


Anonymous said...

Mr Tan, can I wait for the insurance company to remind me about the renewal of the motor insurance, and then I can go and source for quotations?

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