Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Changi Airport

Changi Airport is an excellent example of forward planning - probably among the best in Singapore.

When they build Terminal 1 nearly 20 years ago, there were already plans for terminal 2 and terminal 3.

The gates in terminal were were identified as C and D. When terminal 2 was built 10 years later, the games were identified by E and F. Terminal 3 is recently completed. The gates are identified by A and B. These letters have been reserved for terminal 3 for 20 years.

Through this forward planning, the gates are identified in the right sequence, from A to F.

The signage in the airports are also among the best Singapore. It is easy to get around Changi airport. In contrast, many other large buildings and MRT stations in Singapore in Singapore have poor signages.


hongjun said...

You are really observant. I am impressed in how Singapore did their planning.

Anonymous said...

Different facilities are planned by different agencies. For example, Singapore's water supply is planned by PUB. It just so happened that the people (or groups) who planned Changi Airport were really good. Let's give credit to their excellent foresight, and hope that it happens more often in the future.

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