Monday, February 25, 2008

Insurance and 4-D

What is the difference between buying insurance and buying 4-D?

In both cases, you pay a small amount and have the chance to win a large amount if certain events happen.

When you buy insurance, you hope that the insured event does not happen. You are happy to pay the premium as a "cost". When you buy 4-D, you hope that your number appears, and you can win the prize.


Harro! said...

This is funny. :)

Anonymous said...

When we buy insurance we hope the event will not happen but the proponents of buy whole life seem to wish implicitly that the event to happen if not whole life insurance will be a waste.

Priyadi said...

in 4-D, players transfer the risk from singapore pools to themselves. in insurance, policy holders transfer the risk from themselves to the insurance company, except when they don't. when a life policy is bought for underaged kids or retired person, it is not insurance, it is gambling.

for more gambling vs insurance comparison, see this wikipedia article:

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