Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Planning for early retirement

Hi Mr. Tan,
I read alot about your advice and would like to seek your advice as follow:

I am xx years old and my wife is xx. we have 2 children. Both my wife and I earn an average of S$xxx,000 a year. We plan to retire at xx years old and take on a less stressful job. Our financial status as follow: (details removed).

Please advise if we retire at xx years old. As I am a simple man, I don't need to have a car and can even down-grade to a smaller HDB flat. I am assuming that I can live up to age 65 years old, thereafter my kids will take on the responsibilities of looking after us. We have plenty of insurance coverage for me and hospitalisation coverage for whole family.

I suggest that you read the following FAQs in by website, and talk to a financial adviser. Be willing to pay a fee for their advice and time.


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