Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dubai Airport

I transit through Dubai Airport before morning on the way to and from Bahrain. On both occasions, Dubai Airport is packed. It is more than twice as busy as Changi Airport. Many of the passengers had to sit on the floor, as the chairs are all taken.

Many people use Dubai Airport to transit to other cities in the Middle East. They go to work in the booming Middle East couniires. Thanks to the high oil price and the new found wealth.


Anonymous said...

I transited through Dubai Airport before. I found that majority of the staff are not local. Could it be the local UAE population unable to fill up these jobs ?

Anonymous said...

Maybe their oil rich govt take care of the locals very well so they don't want or no need to work. So the locals don't mind even if the country is swamped with foreigners! Compare to Singapore?? Ha Ha

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