Sunday, February 24, 2008

Support for new life insurance company

Hi Mr. Tan,

I follow your blog and appreciate your insights into insurance and other social topics. Your recent posting on the New Life Insurance Comany set me thinking.

Why don't you start a new insurance company with investors or start a cooperative like before based on your concept stated in your blog? Actually, I was also wondering why you didn't convert INCOME to this form when you were the CEO? The concept is completely in line with INCOME being an NTUC supported cooperative!

Give them a run for their money. I for one would certainly be interested in buying policies from the company.


I hope that your suggestion will materialise in one or two years' time. I also hope that many people, like you, will support it. I tried to introduce some elements of this strategy when I was in NTUC Income. It was stated in another posting in my blog.

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Anonymous said...

With the impending changes to the way life insurance will be sold and designed, Mr. Tan's model of the insurance products will surely find acceptance. We hope Mr. Tan will continue to educate the public of what insurance products should be like to benefit the man in the street. We will encourage people to visit your blog to learn about insurance so that they won't fall victim to unscrupulous agents out there.

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