Thursday, March 06, 2008


I opened an account with Fundsupermart. The process was easy. The website is well designed. I intend to buy low cost unit trust and government bonds through this account. I will share my experience of this platform in this blog.


Anonymous said...

Yes Mr Tan, pls share with us your purchases. Being clueless myself, I will follow what you buy. Hahaha


Anonymous said...

What is the difference in buying from fundsupermart from buying from Navigator/iFast?

Anonymous said...

iFast and Navigator are platforms for FAs. iFast is part of Fundsupermart and Fundsupermart is online for public

Anonymous said...

Mr Tan,

Why don't you buy ETFs or Vanguard funds directly? The expense ratio is much lower than most actively managed funds in Fundsupermart


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Tan / blackbox

What is Vanguard funds? Thanks

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