Sunday, May 11, 2008

Blog: Suggestions for improvements

I am posting suggestions for improvements through my blog. There are directed at various organisations, such as:

Central Depository (CDP) or Singapore Exchange
Land Transport Authority
... and others

I hope that some employees of these organisations read my blog and will bring it up to their management. You can take it as your own suggestion. Let us together, reduce wastefulness, reduce cost and improve service.

I invite other readers to send their suggestions for improvements for posting in my blog. I also invite the respective organisations to send a reply to me for posting in my blog.


Everlearning said...

Banks, like Standard Chartered, OCBC and UOB have been sending the same promotional leaflets to me because of the various accounts I have with them. Do you consider this as wastage? I just want to play my part to help the environment. I truly like your suggestions for improvements column. said...

Well in actual fact, Banks are operating in the same environment, catering to the same market, same people. So the competitiveness is pretty high, especially in such a dense arena like Singapore.

You got to understand that this is only one part of their overall strategies, that might include pricing, features, services, etc...

Well, I can't quote anybody or any banks, but how they promote/market their products are in a very messy and high-handed ways, take the new series of Hybrid Bank Cards for example (for example only), UOB VISA TX cards, which is marketed as a Debit Card with 'Benefits', but in actual fact, its not.

Majority of the less informed public can be essentially be misleaded by this sort of 'promotion' and 'marketing' rather than wastage of paper. Thats how I look at the severity.

And most of these days none of the bankers are totally 'fiduciary' and 'independent' in advising to their client which makes me feel abit sad.

-gah.. I feel so Naive~

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