Friday, May 16, 2008

ERP Charges

I try to avoid driving to work. I prefer to take the MRT. Sometimes I have to drive, due to the need to visit a few places.

There are some many gantries on many roads. Each time, I pass a gantry, there is a sum deducted from my cash card. I do not know what is the ERP charge. I only need how much cash remains on my cash card.

I suggest that the Land Transport Authority should display the charges on the gantry, next to the sign "ERP in Operation". At least the motorist will know what is the fee.

I understand that separate charges apply to different types of vehicles. Perhaps LTA only needs to display the charges for motor cars and motor cycles, as they are the most frequent road users. The charges for other types of vehicles can be set at a certain ratio to the charge for motor cars.

As the charges vary by time of day, it is only fair that the actual charges should be displayed. I hope that officials of the LTA are reading this blog.

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Sentosa Gani said...

I believe LTA has indicated that they will install the panel to display ERP charges

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