Friday, May 16, 2008

Nominating a beneficiary

Dear Mr Tan
I am single and have no relatives. I went to an insurance company to change my beneficiary but was informed that I cannot nominate someone not related to me. Instead, I was asked to change my beneficiary to my estate and have to write a will. This brings about the following questions:

1. For people with no relatives, is it still necessary to have an insurance policy?
2. Does it mean I have no choice but to engage the services of a lawyer to draw up a will?
3. What is the cost involved to engage a lawyer to do a will.

You can leave your policy money to your estate. If you do not have a will, it will be distributed according to the intestate law.

If you wish to write a will, you can use the will writing service provided by NTUC Income. You can get more details from Big Trumpet,

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Monsoon said...

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