Monday, July 27, 2009

Advice on individual shares

Dear Tan Kin Lian,
I had bought a China counter Sino Environment Tech shear by using my CPF investment account. But now the shear price drop to 30 % and looks the company is having some internal problem. They did not announce the 1st Qtr result and all investment funds also selling there holding. Could you advice me is it wise decision to sell and investment other counter instead of loosing all?

I do not give advice on individual shares. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

My personal view is to cut losses else it may be zero. Its your decision.

Anonymous said...

Avoid all China counters like the plague. All will have some form of manipulation of its finances. The objective of everyone in these China companies is to make money and suck the company dry. When you buy their shares you become the shareholder. So when all these blood-suckers such the company, you become the sucker. Sell immediately before you get nothing back.

Concerned said...

Most of the China companies that are listed here are second-rate or even third rate companies. Most of the good companies are listed in Shanghai or Shenzhen Stock Exchange or Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

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