Monday, July 27, 2009

Pensioner Health Benefits

Hi Sir,
Someone I know is a civil servant who is currently under the Pension Scheme. She is considering purchasing medical insurance. She is 50 years old. She did not opt to switch to the CPF Scheme when the change was offered.

I understand that pensioners are provided good medical coverage. Is my friend adequately covered for her hospitalisation and medical needs? I have tried to find out more details about the health benefits offered under the pension scheme but so far have been unable to find out what I need to know.

Your friend, the civil servant, should ask the employer. I do not know the answer because the medical benefit scheme are different for different categories of civil servants and have changed many times in past years.

Always ask the right source, and not someone else.

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Sobri said...

All pensioners are given a copy of the booklet The Pensioner's Handbook. The medical benefits of the 4 types: FAW, CPW, CCS, MSO are explained in the handbook.

A copy of the handbook can be obtained from AGD. You can email to

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