Tuesday, July 28, 2009

For the benefit and welfare of the people

In his talk and the answers to questions from the floor, Dr. Boediono (Vice President Designate of Indonesia) said that decisions will be taken for the benefit and welfare of the people.

When asked about the policy on privatisation and the use of natural resources, he said that the key criteria is to improve efficiency and ensure that the outcome will be for the benefit of the ordinary people.

He also said that Indonesia has been transformed into a democratic country and that the recent general election has been completed peacefuly and fairly. The test of democracy is its ability to improve the lives of the people.

Indonesia has gone a long way in improving its governance structure to reflect the will of the people. Watch out for a printed copy of his talk, when it is reported in the mainstream newspapers.

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Anonymous said...

Our neighbors took the preventive measures to prevent the toxis products from entering. They save the people the nightmares.
They win the praise from the hearts of the people.

HK made a big mistake in allowing these products. Their situations were much worse than SG. (50k vs 10K, 5 times the problem). Yet they are able to solve the problem. They took the right steps to rectify the situation.
They now win the praises the world over. Poeple appreciate their actions from the bottommof their hearts.
They win the trusts and confident of both FIs & investors.

So the key is how u handle the problem. U can turn a "bad" situation into a "good" one if you are willing to.
If u are sincere in helping people, which in turn will help yourself.

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