Thursday, July 30, 2009

No parking space in HDB estates

Have you wondered why HDB estates are congested with cars, and it is difficult to find a parking space when you visit someone in HDB during the day? Find the answer here.


Anonymous said...

Actually I really don't understand these car owners. Pay so much just for "convenience"?

And what's the "convenience if it is parked at home?"

I also know of colleagues who drive to work and park in a nearby private estate. And walk 10 to 15 mins to office so as to avoid stiff parking charges because company don't subsidize them.

Most likely I think also is due to "prestige" or "face" or even "obsessive" reasons. Like weekends go out and show off to friends, girlfriends etc.

Anonymous said...

HDB MSCP can build more decks now even after being constructed as these "future decks" already been provided for during MSCP initial design stage and subsequent construction stage.

Anonymous said...

Many of the insurance agents are crooks, they pestered and they lied, more or less like the FIs' RM . The reason there is no disasters like credit linked notes is because insurance industry is very tightly regulated.

Anonymous said...

"Many of the insurance agents are crooks"

cow head don't match the horse mouth, read the title please.

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