Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Different management style

Dear Mr Tan,

After serving NTUC for 30 years, I must say that we have lost a caring leader that really look after the welfare and investment of policy holders. With the new comer, all the existing management staff who have followed you for many years have to give way !!! One of the “victim” is a friend of mine and I could not believe the way he has been treated. After spending almost all his life in this career, learning from your style of hard working and not to waste unnecessary money for any expenses related to work, he has to face a new comer after you left. With a promise of two years  contract, he was asked to leave only half a year later after he has given his full collaboration to new staff understudy from him !

It appears the new management style of working is totally different from yours and the new policy is no longer “attractive” as before ! It is unfortunate to see such things happened in one of the most modern city in the world.



Anonymous said...

To G:

You gotta asked yourself;
1. Who hired Mr Tan Kim Lian's replacement?

2. Who gave Mr Tan KL's replacement the mandate to "re-make" NTUC?

3. Remember the phrase 'Nothing evere happens by accident in Singapore"?

Anonymous said...

Please refer to Straits Times, 6 April 2010, page B4:

"NTUC to probe labour mystery - Men tend to retire in their 50s; getting them to continue working will boost workforce"

Looks like NTUC should interview G's friend and find out why he chose to "retire" so early.

NTUC seems very puzzled about early retirement.

Anonymous said...

Isn't NTUC Income a Govt-related
organisation. Amazing, different
civil servants speak differently,
so contradictory. Don't know who is speaking the truth.

Anonymous said...

Grill them at the AGM. Why so many indian chiefs with high salary? There are at least 50 of them. Is it wonder your bonus is shrinking. The premium is increasing.

Anonymous said...


Please be realistic. If you are the new CEO will you do the same thing? Will you not prefer to get people whom you have trusted and can be trusted.

Relying on the former regime employees is suicidal.

When the master changes, the servants must also changed. Otherwise the new master will be poison.

Anyway Kin Lian is not that great a CEO. I have worked under him and just has to tolerate his whimps and fancies.

There is no such thing as a great CEO!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is the new world order.
It happens in many MNC and local Fortune 500 companies too.

There is no " kam cheng " anymore.
The blade cuts where it cuts without know what it is cutting.

Full collaboration?.. well, a well brought up person indeed, but a foolish one too. In the words of the Master:

"Teach 8 steps but withold the last 2.. it may save you one day"

You are not alone. It is the fault of our parents who meant well, but did not prepare us to counter cunning and evil.

See you all in heaven.

Anonymous said...

The new ceo is neither great. he is manipulative. The salesmen and the staff don't mind to be manipulated so long they get what they want BUT NOT THE CUSTOMERS. It is like a great conspiracy to fleece the payers of their salaries, the customers. That is why his staff and cronies would compromise personal belief to sing the same tune,..'4 legs good 2 legs bad'. and you get products like revosave and vivolife which the agents will go all out tooth and nails to defend with lies and falsehood.The enemies are their customers. The strategy is how to wear them out pyscologically and make them sign on the dotted line.
Foxes are cunning but vixens are even more dangerous. They destroy your finance.

Consultant said...

That's why after just 1 month in the new ntuc, I already freak care the job and organisation liao. Clock in 10+ everyday, sometimes 11+ or 12+, just say got appointment with clients outside. Leave after lunch or by 4pm. Spend time talk cock with colleagues and drink free coffee and milo. Do scalping in forex, and give tuition outside. Tell manager not happy then fire me lah, why take so long? I'll post back the staff card in ntuc's self-address envelope. The company churn us, I churn them back. Once the company has lost my trust and I don't give a damn about the job anymore, it is a real sense of freedom. Plus you're being paid while waiting to be fired.

Anonymous said...

those people who pushed you to the edge are promoted to senior position now.They are good for nothing people actually but because of boot licking they got up.They are not qualified too, a bunch of bullshitters.

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