Friday, April 09, 2010

Monitor my blog

Someone asked me, "How did the Police learn about my Lost and Found portal?". I suspect that they are instructed to monitor my blog to look for seditious or defamatory statements.


Anonymous said...

No, they are looking for things like your 'lost and found' portal which has good intention but seen as a depriving them of cases.
Ohter things like insurance agents cheating don't alert them. They just bochap or land banking also bochap.
defamation is none of their business.

Anonymous said...

Mr Tan,

are you sure that they monitor your blog only and nothing else?

I would not be surprised if a case file is opened on you. All the details from your family tree to which toilet you last visited are recorded. Previously they also manage to trace CST's primary school record and used it during an election campaign if I remember correctly!

I suppose they will leave you alone as long as you are not running in any general/presidential election otherwise they will strike you with their poisonous fang just like what happen to JBJ, TLH and FS.

Nevertheless, I hope you will consider contesting in the next election.


I support you said...

Clearly, your blog is being watched.
and its good.
Blogs provide an alternative feedback
channel, and it allows venting.

Blogs can sometimes be too emotional but your moderation has prevented this. Thanks for all your effort, time and grace to allow so many people to voice their opinions here.
Not only from Singapore, but world wide too!

The officer who rang you was acting on instructions. We will know that the issue is important to them if they escalate it to a higher rank.
They very well know that there is not any specific law prohibiting your intended actions. It was a veiled threat, to test your nerves.

There are many topics discussed here, why choose this particular one to 'follow up'?
This is very interesting, if I were to use your portal to report that I found an umbrella, and the police wants to take part in this?

Ha! ha!.. and total silence when it comes to land banking?.. amazing.
This validates my belief that as long as you have a registered business, anything goes.

Jobs! jobs!.. business creates jobs!

They miss the woods for the trees

Anonymous said...

Tell them to monitor insurance crime committed by insurance agents or RMs or financial product salesmen instead of social service blog.

Anonymous said...

Police are only human, issues that we face they face as well, like high cost of insurance, low interest rates, transport..etc

This blog gives good advice so I am not surprised members of the police read this blog too.

Anonymous said...

We think it is okay they monitor your blog, as long as Mr. Tan does not defame or defile their political masters.
Anyway the Police here is not even capable of catching bicycle thieves, no wonder they could not even guard a terriorist like Mas Selemat. Makes one wonder what they are in existence for, besides having so free a time to monitor other people's blog. Maybe bloggers are an easy target to catch, unlike bicycle thieves, or landbanking companies, or fly by night beauty salons, where they need to work to find evidence.

Anonymous said...

I have more confidence in HK police. At least I see them in pairs doing their rounds patrolling the streets. In SG you don't find them in sight.

Anonymous said...

I think it's good that your blog is being monitored which means that the issues that you've been raising are being brought into the authorities attention.

Nevertheless, Mr. Tan, you've got to be a responsible moderator and not let emotions run wild.

The post about "insurance agent bashing" is a good signal from you as a moderator. It sends a signal to those who think of riding on other people's emotion to stir more trouble to stay away.

Vincent Sear said...

I don't think that (regular) police is actively monitoring this blog or any other blog. However, I do believe that ISD (technically part of police) and MDA do scheduled keyword-search samplings for political, pornographic or terrorist or otherwise offensive or illegal materials. Beyond that, they rely on reports from busybodies or alarmists or informants beholden to them.

Anyway, in this case, I think that the trigger is the media release itself. The press forwarded it to police for clearance. It wasn't cleared with police claiming it's unlawful to run a lost and found portal, which I don't understand.

Anonymous said...

Good sign Police is monitoring your blog. It means your blog is carrying some weight. Fear not as we are doing this within the law.

Anonymous said...

i hope the police can spend more time monitoring land banking conmen than waste time surfing.

Anonymous said...

I monitor your blog closely !

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1.11 PM

Very Good, you monitor TKL's Blog.
This shows you find TKL's blog a good source of valuable information about the ordinary citizen which you could pass to your boss, whoever he is.
Your comment could be construed as short and threatening.

Anonymous said...

Anon, April 09, 2010 1:11 PM,

To get leads to need, lah. just watch all insurance agents and if you dare check their fact find forms you will surely get evidences of criminal activities.

Vincent Sear said...

To: Anonymous 1:11PM

I'm not claiming all insurance agents are honest, neither are all dishonest. The KYC/FNA forms are counterchecked and countersigned by a supervisor a manager, then filed together with the policy application forms. These are confidential financial documents.

Regulatory authorities don't check those unless there's a complaint from the client him/herself serious enough to entail opening up the files. In an umbrella rage against agents, it easy to scream, check everything. However, think of the implication to financial confidentiality and privacy.

Anonymous said...

Vincent sear,
yes the agents' supervisors do check but they check for the size of the case. They bull too. They cover up and make sure they don't get screwed up.They too have conflict of interest and honesty and competence is questionable too.

Anonymous said...

Some years back I lost several bicycles a year. One of them was marked and I found it at the MRT station. Since I have already lodged a police report, I called the police that I found it at the MRT station and I told them this would be a good opportunity to ambush the culprit. They told me they have no time to do it and just came and cut the chain to return the bicycle to me. I was stunned and I asked them what will happen if the bicycle was bought by someone and when he returns to find the bicycle missing. The police told me not to worry about that and returned the bicycle to me.

Anonymous said...

Anon April 10, 2010 6:03 PM
so the police used the same method to
'steal' the bicycle to return to you.
This created another victim who suspected another thief must have done it.

Anonymous said...

Police monitoring your Blog?

If I were them, I am glad your Blog has lots of people complaining about Ministers' sky high salary. The more complain, the merrier. These police who monitor your blog are paid peanuts and ask to do all the dirty job. When crime rate goes down with all the hardwork done by the soldiers, Minister gets a handsome pay increase and bonus. So easy. Talk only and get the best credit. Also interesting is that when Mas Selamat escape, Minister does not take responsibility but start sacking people. Lousy Leadership if I may say.

Vincent Sear said...

To: Anonymous 5:04PM

If those are your sentiments, I can only suggest you don't deal with any insurance agents. Well, redundant suggestion, I think you won't deal with any already.

To: Anonymous 6:03PM

The police is right. Stolen property couldn't be sold in the sense of a legal transfer of ownership. If it was sold, too bad for the buyer. The onus is on the buyer to verify that the seller has the right to sell the property. In fact, if the buyer knows it's stolen and bought it at blackmarket discount, he's also guilty under Penal Code for dealing with stolen property.

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