Sunday, April 04, 2010

Al Jazeera English TV

Al Jazeera English TV is dropped from SingTel Mio TV from April 1, 2010. Here is a selection of some of their videos


Anonymous said...

Rex comments as follows,

Fundamentally, many of us believe that Al Jazeera TV is the same as TKL Blog or some of the more creditable blogs out there. The only difference is that TV is mass-media, whereas internet media is somewhat restrictive. But with growing internet literacy, the line between the two, is getting blurrer day by day.

If they could shut down AJ. it is a matter of time before this blog and many others will be blocked. This is the type of nation we build democratically?


jamesneo said...

Singtel being a proxy of the government will be the first to cave in to any demands by the government to restrict any news that are not favorable to the ruling party. The internet will not be blocked unless the many auntie and uncles all switched to internet for their news. Thats the day when singapore will become even more restrictive than china

Anonymous said...

You can watch Al Jazeera for free legally with Livestation. Just download the player from

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