Sunday, April 04, 2010

Private medical practice

Some of the trends in USA may come to Singapore. Read the views of some doctors here.


Anonymous said...

The family doctors know their patients by name and there is intimacy of relationship which is lacking in hospital.But then today doctors are motivated by money and they operate their clinic like commercial businesses and naturally expanding the practice is logical step. First with small group practice and expand into a institutional practice where intimacy wanes and eventaully lost.

Anonymous said...

In US financial planners can practise as sole proprietor like the lawyers . All they need is comply with all the requirements.
MAS should consider this model if fee based practice is introduced later after banning commission.

Robert Michael said...

The downfall of so many private practitioners is that they are great doctors but lack in the business side of operations. More and more private practice owners are turning to the expertise of a medical practice consultant to help with taxes, payroll and systems optimization.

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