Thursday, April 08, 2010

Political implication

The GPC Chairman for Transport said that increased (COE) premium could be seen as a "cost of living" issue for current and future car owners. He said that any price increase, from COE to HDB prices, will have a "political implication".

I have heard the term "political implication" used many times by politicians from the ruling party over the past years. It is a necessary vocabulary to show their understanding of the ideology of our great leader.

There is another way to make decisions that is not based on "political implications". It is based on what is right and wrong, what is good and bad. It is right and good to take care of the welfare of the people, to maintain an affordable cost of living and to a comfortable and secure life to the people. It is not necessary to do them based on "political implications".

Tan Kin Lian


Anonymous said...

Previously, there was a lot written about how public transport in Singapore was terrible. People were therefore increasingly moving to use cars.

Instead of improving public transport, the PAP's unique way of solving the problem is to implement a supply shock to the COE system so that COE's shoot towards $100,000. Not being able to afford a car, people are then forced to take public transport.

Later I suppose they will cite increased ridership in the public transport system as how they have hit their KPI of having 70% of the population take public transport.

Anonymous said...

Rex comments as follows

The official reason for the COE spike is "oversupply" of COE in the past and now there is a market correction to reduce the COE.
I think the large number of foreign talents, being so talented, would want to buy more cars so there is a tremendous strain on resources, in fact on everything. Singapore would have been ok at about 4 million at the very most. We are suffering from the Malthusian prediction of overpopulation, first we see in COE, what else is next.

Six million in Singapore is absolutely suicidal. We are killing ourselves just so to feed the GDP and civil service.


Anonymous said...

MRT is jammed pack daily. Even during peak hours, the frequency for a train to arrive is 3mins. Shouldn't SMRT change it to 1min instead?

Anonymous said...

We are sick of listening to our policy maker blowing how world class they are including curbing car growth through ERP,COE,expensive car parking, weekend car...

They always like to site other countries of having very congested traffic thus affecting productivity. Now look at Singapore road situation, it is equally bad after so many years of blowing world class and after paying these people millions salaries. As a citizen, we feel totally short change.

There is now a sudden policy to cut COE supply that pushes the COE price to a crazy level. The policy maker really needs to think again thoroughly what needs to be done in the long term to treat its people fairly. We get the impression this govt only know how to suck more money from the people as a way of solving problem.

The cost of living has gone up so much recently and this additional COE price height will add further pressure to the alraedy high inflation. It must surely add more hardship to most people.

Time to re-think outdated transport policy.

kilroy said...

It is obvious that car dealers revenue/profit will be hit as there are less COEs to go around. With higher COEs, average income owners are more likely to keep their cars rather than scrap them. With second hand car prices higher, dealers will sell domestically rather than export them. So the supply of COEs will continue to shrink as they are based on car deregistrations. Now if the LTA will only permit car buyers but not dealers to bid, and if bidders must pay what they bid, COEs will surely go down. But it is bad for government coffers> So they will never amend the rules citing as usual that they know best esp what is best for them and not for the people at large ( sigh )

Anonymous said...

Well, this sudden hike in COE prices is going to hit me for at least $10,000 extra for a second hand car.

You can bet there is going to be a "political implication".

When I pay, I'll certainly share the cost with the cause.

Anonymous said...

I was planning to trade in my car before this crazy increase but now I will hold on to it for 5 more years so one more car taken out of the new pool.

Anonymous said...

If you cannot fight them, join them. Join the PAP!!!

Anonymous said...

Personally, I feel that the crowdiness is still tolerable, and I accept it in the name of maximising use of resources and avoiding wastage.

However what I feel is totally wrong and unacceptable is the abuse of capitalism of high fare charges that serve to pay astronomical salary to the top rich at the expense of the poor masses.

Anonymous said...

"THE spike in certificate of entitlement (COE) premiums and car prices this week was not caused by changes to a formula to determine the number of replacement COEs, Second Transport Minister Lim Hwee Hua said yesterday [29Mar10]"

When you are a minister, paid more than the salary of President Obama, declared the above, one wonder whether a genius is talking or just plain PAP nonsence. I wonder what's her reason for the spike? I thought it is so simple as squeeze the supply [advance notice] thus the COE shoot through the ceiling. Anyway, why should she worry as there is no impact on her since with her kind of salary, she can change a car every 3 months no matter what the COE is. Funny Singapore system, we pay her salary [no say in this] and they created the most expensive car in the world. Then we still vote her in again and we continue to complain Car and HDB too expensive.

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