Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Lost & Found Service

I have launched the Lost & Found website.

I sent this media release, but the newspapers did not cover it. I have approached several transport companies and educational institutions to tell them about this service and to encourage them to report the lost & found items in this website, to make it easy for the items to be matched. Two of them have responded positively.

The Police called my office to tell me that under the law, I am not allowed to keep the found item. They said that the found item has to be reported to a neighborhood police station and kept in a central store. This works fine for me and save me the hassle. I will post more details about this service in the website.

I hope that my readers can help to promote this website through Facebook and other social media.

Tan Kin Lian


Anonymous said...

Mr tan, why the police got time to trouble you on this lost and found, and no time to investigate the land banking complaints?

Tan Kin Lian said...

Reply to 12:44 PM

Maybe, they are from two different departments - one department has the time (e.g. to harrass the small people), and the other department does not have the time (e.g. to investigate the big companies that have reputed lawyers on their payroll).

Anonymous said...

hahahhah.... Mr Tan I like that sense of "humour"... this shows how frustrated we are ......

Tan Kin Lian said...

The Police asked me, "did I get legal advice on the Lost & Found portal".

I replied, "No. Why should I get legal advice and pay fees?"

If I break the law, there is no need for a lawyer to tell me. The Police should be able to tell me, for free, without paying legal fee.

I get the feeling that the Police wants to help lawyers to make more money!

Lye Khuen Way said...

Mr Tan, I like your take about the Police wanting to help lawyers !
There is this other instance to suggest that too :-
Should you get beaten up, you need to file a Private suit or complain to a magistrate,
We need to laugh off some of these uniquely Singapore world-view.

Anonymous said...

Got no time to chase after the big fish (did not want to use a more accurate but potentially defamatory word) but got time to worry about all the small little legal details like a central store.

Wayang, wayang.

I guess the police no longer has the resources and capabilities to go after the big fish anymore.

The world's fastest limping terrorist, Mas Selamat, already demonstrated that.

RW said...

i m just wondering what about the lost and found on our public transport?
Did they "return" those item to the police?

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