Saturday, April 10, 2010

Foreigner first policy rankes

Here is an article by Seah Cheang Nee.


Anonymous said...

If is is true that BreadTalk is employing foreigners instead of locals, then I will think twice about buying their bread that I don't want to talk........better serve the foreigners?

Anonymous said...

The gahmen set the foreign talent policy. But these are problems that will naturally arise at the ground level, and which they cannot control. It became part and parcel of their policy.

The ground level situation can only change if the gahmen change their policy, which they don't of course because it will seriously affect GDP, their KPI and their million dollar linked pay.

And this will continue as long as they think 98% seats at elections is still assured.

Vincent Teo said...

Why only highlight Breadtalk? In fact it is across the board in Singapore that we are being swamped by foreigners. If you go to any Polyclinics and/or govt hospital in Singapore, you are likely to be attended by a foreigner. You see, even certain govt sector jobs are also being given wholesale to foreigners. Singaporean are beginning to get marginalised by all these pro liberal FT polocies.

Anonymous said...

Might actually be blessing in disguise. Coz only with critical mass of unhappiness will there be chance of change in the GE. If 80% of population are ok with their lives and just tolerate on day-to-day basis, then there will be no change.

Humans are just animals. Unless they encounter pain and distress themselves, otherwise they just prefer to wallow in the status quo, and be apathetic.

Anonymous said...

We have forgotten about the many foreign maids amongst our midst.
Take the train snd see SO MANY ROJAK TRAVELLERS or Foreigners!

Anonymous said...

There will come a time when the tipping point is reached. Then the system takes over and it is very difficult for the Singapore govt to change even if they wanted to. Imagine if every company HR manager and CEO is a foreigner. By that time even if it becomes law to hire Singaporean first, it will be very difficult to administer because alot of these hirings can be justified by statistics if they surreptiously insist on hiring their own kinds. They can always prove that they have advertised many times, proven by receipts of advertisements in major newspapers. But what is difficult to prove is the number of Singaporean applications received and shredded to let in only their own kind. Just like those dubious lucky draws where the winner is their own chosen people and it is impossible to prove that it is not manipulated to their advantage. End of the day, the system will take on a life of its own and these foreigners will be smart enough not to put it down boldly in writing that they actually prefer to hire foreigners then we will finally be let down by our very own govt policies.

Anonymous said...

What to do when the flood gate for the foreigners has already been wide open and the gatekeeper has no intention of closing it any time soon? It is too late to close now anyway.

What to expect when the labour chief is also a minister in the government? Union leaders to fight for the interest of Singapore workers? Wait long long.


Anonymous said...

I'm inclined to agree with ANON: 1.14pm.
"Might actually be blessing in disguise."

Without the FTs digging their spurs into Singaporeans, it will be the same General Elections results, generation after generation.

Utopian said...


Let the "foreigner" be an employee here, its ok. as long as they pay taxes and contribute to my well-being.

This is possible when the administrators of Singapore provide viable rewards to the citizens, such as:

Free Medical
Free Transport
Free Housing
Free Education
Free Meals
Free monthly cash allowances
Free Funeral services

I am all for it!.. let the "foreign" worker do all the work and I will sit back be 'creative'
and think of more ways to have a free life.

Utopia has arrived.

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