Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Kirby McInerney on CNBC

Dear Best Friends and Business Associates,

Roger Kirby will be appearing on CNBC Asia Squawk Box Wednesday morning at 7:30AM Singapore time.  He'll be interviewed from NY, and the anchors will be Martin Soong and Karen Tso.  The topics that he will be discussing include:
1)      What does your firm do for Asian investors?
2)      What rights to Asian investors have in a US court?
3)      What results have Asian investors received/could receive in a US court?
4)      Are these cases worth it financially given the time involved in reaching a resolution?
5)      Do you expect more cases to be brought?
6)      Is fraud on the rise? In what sectors?  In what ways?
7)      What kind of regulation will prevent the fraud that has been committed?

Teo Guan Hock

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Anonymous said...

I am keen to join class action for S'pore investors on failed Pinnacle Notes against issuer Morgan Stanley. I hope the coming Tuesday Talk by US law Firm Kirby McInerney in S'pore can get the action started. This is our only hope versus relying on Fidrec to find local FI liable.

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