Monday, April 26, 2010

Key priorities for Singapore

It is important for the next Parliament to have elected leaders who can reflect the wishes of the people. The key priorities, as expressed through various channels, are:

1. Job opportunity for young and mature workers
2. Lower cost of living
3. Affordable housing
4. Better wages and job security
5. Higher interest rate on savings
6. Better work-life balance
7. Lower transport cost, more comfort and convenience
8. Affordable health care
9. A less crowded environment

I hope that the candidates will campaign hard to provide solutions to these key priorities.

Tan Kin Lian


Anonymous said...

Why spent a million dollar to hold a fashion event that could be put better use?

Perfomer said...

Because if you were a model, you would have an assignment and get paid.
because if you were a company that supplies chairs, tables, buffet catering you would have a job.
because if you were a company that supplied lighting equipment and video recording, you would have business


because you were not involved directly with the event, you saw nothing useful.

The event helped local business showcase their abilities and highlights our aspirations to be something else other than building oil rigs, computer chips and Singapore Airlines.

Its in the liberal arts catergory

Anonymous said...

Mr Tan, I agree completely with your assessment. However, the current PAP govt is unlikely to push forward these priorities (in fact, they seem to have opposite priorities to the detriment of the populace).

I sincerely hope that you will stand for the coming elections to speak for Singaporeans in the areas you have highlighted.

Anonymous said...

I think it is pointless to exhort anyone endlessly to go stand for elections. This is not much different from PAP persuading their often-reluctant candidates to run for o9ffice and end up having to "seduce" them through high salaries. Public service is 1st and foremost a calling.

Instead the key rests with ourselves. Exercise your right as citizens and vote wisely for the change you want to see. Volunteer or help out those who are stepping forward as candidates, e.g. most opposition parties are short on resources and need all the help they can get in the form of polling agents, counting agents, volunteers etc. Last but not least, do yourself a favour by attending as many rallies as you can and help spread information and news to others.

The change we want begins with ourselves. Also, it is not about competence, academic qualifications, or corporate leadership experience as what the PAP will like us to believe.

Anonymous said...

There is 1 thing though I very much like the givernment to address. While our leaders are very good at looking into the future, but there are certain issue they failed to get in touch, for example, there had been pervasive campaign on reemployment after 62, but the truth is like we can't even get employ after 45, that being the case, how can we live through age 62??? And I am speaking of fact as I am in the above 40 age group.

Anonymous said...

I believe if reasonable job security, affordable housing and affordable healthcare, affordable education are materialised, the rest of the problems will take care by themselves.

Just wonder why the Government wants to de-control HDB pricing.

Conspiracy said...

Cost of living is related to such factors as oil prices, which the government has no control over. Its easy to point out the problems than providing the solutions right.

Anonymous said...

Mr Tan,

I completely agree with Anon, April 26, 2010, 10:35 AM. I feel my future will be brighter if you will come forward to stand for election. Your candidature will be greeted with enthusiatic support from me. The elections likely within two months. Open your eyes, the signs are everywhere.

May I express the hope that more Singaporeans will come forward. People like Lucky Tan, Hazel Poa. You are my heroine Hazel Poa!! What about REX? I read his comments and I think he is good.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if those working as a civil servant is willing to vote for the opposition?

Anonymous said...

Yes, those who could articulate well by persuading us to work with or offer help to opposition candidates should offer themselves for election.
I am just a housewife in my early sixties, if i could help, I'm willing to offer an hand, but the obstacle is I am not highly educated and do not know where to start. I just want to see PAP's rui
qi to be brought down to earth, preferably having less than 50% of the vote.
With the political situation so in
PAP's favour, I'll rather have a hung Parliament and chaos on the scene. I dot not like to be bullied, enough of being bullied.

Anonymous said...

While a part of me fully agrees with Mr Tan KL's list, there is another part of me that says my vote will go to the candidate who can best "Show me the money!"

In other words, how can I benefit in monetary terms if I vote for you?

We can't survive in Singapore on love and fresh air. Or honesty and hard work for that matter.

Anonymous said...

If you are only interested to benefit in monetary terms, go & gamble in those newly opened casions.

Anonymous said...

Mr Tan:

You listed 9 points that are idealistic and can be easily actualize by the Leadership. Unfortunately, the people don't get to enjoy them

Many are hoping that You run for the President or MP Post, this is something best decided by You. However, other than your blogging, me am of the view that You are wellknown and popular with the elites, business communities as well as lay citizens. May I exhort You to have your ideas more widely made known.

There are only a tiny proportion of the population that are exposed to the social political blogs where some of You, the more enlightened, are doing the good works. It is a pity and a waste that there are only few people who have the chance to get to read You All.

Me wishes that there could be better ways to spread the messages from the likes of You.

Yourstruly: patriot

Tan Kin Lian said...

Hi Patriot,
I shall share with you some of my personal priorities. I believe that I can do more by educating people on social, political and financial matters through my blog and other channels. By being independent and non-political, I may be able to make a better contribution.

Even if I were a MP, I don't think that it will make much difference. Most MPs do not get their views reported in the mainstream media anyway.

I will do my best to influence the people of Singapore on the economic and social issues that are important for our future.

I will also influence them to accept the educated, dedicated, younger people who are willing to enter politics through the alternative parties, and to build an accountable Parliament which reflect the aspirations of the people.

These younger people have more energy, and more time to make an impact on the future, and they can make a career in politics.

Some people attacked me for not having the courage to enter politics. These people don't even have the courage to use their real names - so what are they taking about?

It does not matter to me what these negative people think about my courage. I will do what I think is right and useful.

On the other hand, many people fear that I am already much personal risk in expressing my views so openly and frankly, and these views are quite different from the policies of the current government. This is the other side of the coin.

I do not rule out the chance of being involved in politics directly, but for the time being, it is low in my personal priorities.

Anonymous said...

REX comments on "conspiracy"'s post

Conspiracy said
Cost of living is related to such factors as oil prices, which the government has no control over. Its easy to point out the problems than providing the solutions right.

Recently electricity price went up because of oil as you said correctly. The government said it just pass the cost down to us.
REALLY? Never forget: We pay GST on the additonal increase in oil price, as well as the original price of the utilities. This is ADDITIONAL COST OF LIVING where the government can control. IT is pure profit, when the oil price increase, there is no additional recurring cost, but the government taxes everybody on whatever the oil price is - to feed the Pigs And Piglets of course.

In the first place, electricity and water should never be subject to GST as it is basic necessity. A very simple thing can be done if the government is sincere: GST on consumption of water and electricity, should kick in only if consumption exceeds the national average for that particular household type. I think it is very easy to implement this by software. All it takes is for a sincere government to pass this resolution to reduce the cost of living for the masses.

Who will stand up and make such proposal? But first they have to check with towkay besar. Who dares? Pathetic-er And Pathetic-er everyday - P.A.P. everyday!!!!!


jamesneo said...

Beside the 9 key priorities which i think are very important. I also wish that the elected leaders should have economy policies that are more prudent.

Things like asset enhancement through HDB flat appreciation is a very dangerous game and should not be encouraged in the first place. However, many governments especially the industrialized nations including, US,UK, Canada, Australia and singapore having been playing this game by artificially inflating it because the construction, property and mortgage industry have become so vital part of their GDP growth that without it the politician would be unable to claim much GDP growth since the manufacturing base previously present in these industrialized nations have been declining due to competition from the newly industrialized countries like the BRIC Brazil, Russia, India and China and because the politician decide to diverge their resources to the financial sector.

However, things for the financial sector might not be so bright in the next decade due to the excessive risk, manipulation and fraud in the sector. In a way the financial sector have deviated from its original purpose to be the provider of capital for the main street to do real business. They have designed so many complicated derivatives that in many cases allowed fraud to become prevalent and provide zero value to the economy in reality.

In my opinion, we also need leaders to be careful in the way they handle crisis. If we follow the way the west have done in trying to bailout too many business during the crisis which are funded by either debt or money printing could lead to an unintended consequence of high inflation and eventually lead us to hyperinflation. Of course, a highly deflationary crisis might occur before the hyperinflation. In certain cases, both a inflation and deflation can occur simultaneously but in different classes of objects. For example, the property can deflate tremendously while the food, transport and electricity bill can inflate in a recession.

These are extremely important because they can lead to a lost decade or two which could be worse even than the japan lost decade. I hope such a thing never happen to Singapore because the retirement savings of Singaporean is already totally inadequate and the next recession coming from US or the Europe can lead us to a path of devastating consequences.

Anonymous said...

Dear all,

No need for high calibre people like Mr TKL to represent opposition.

Even if the opposition put up real life dog, cat or pig as candidates, I will still vote for the dog, cat or pig.

At least the dog, cat and pig don't do anything. Much better than continuing to let PAP screw & screw us and our children into the soil, collect tens of millions along the way, and then insult us for being daft sheep and need to be treated like animals with spurs in our hides.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon 3.21pm, there is a lot you can do as an ordinary Singaporean to assist in politics. I helped out in the 2006 GE and intend to do so for the upcoming one again. Once the election date is announced, I took leave from work, attended as many election rallies as I could, and volunteered as a polling agent. To be fair I also attended the PAP rallies, which is why I can say most of these highly touted handpicked PAP "talents", a few of whom are now cabinet ministers, are nothing more than technocrats. They are poor leaders who are not able to inspire the people. PAP actually has to provide "incentives" for people to attend rallies or volunteer. What does that tell us? In comparison, those who stepped forward for the opposition cause do so knowing there is litte to gain and much to sacrifice.

Anonymous said...

Give everyone $3000 and all will calm down, simple. Spread positive GDP numbers and post positive statistics and time the news in such a way to coincide with even more good news.. pure public relations doing its work.

And this is what US and UK or any Gov will do also.
The people's memories are very short.
All will have dull recall of what happened in 2008, 2009.. all will rememeber that they sold their property for $xxxxxxx and that they made $xxxx in the stock market

Its a formula that has worked again and again in Singapore. It will work in 2011.

Unless we have a very eloquent speaker who has very convincing ideas with strong valid rebuttals to the wealth story... oppositions will sway less than 100,000 people.
The 20,000+ who are jobless will likely vote for the opposition but provided there is contest in their constituency.

There is so much fragmentation.. a unified thrust is impossible.

I live in the Holland Rd area. Every landed home has 1 car,maid and they are all happy with the current situation. Fully air-coned homes and peacefull. Shop at Cold Storage and wine & dine at Dempsey Road.. whats the issue? Most earn at least 200K per annum.. whats the issue?

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous 3.21pm!

We need the numbers. Come forward & serve. I myself will do so and I am in the same boat as you.

michael said...

Our educational system should build on the foundation which put strong value and emphasis on 'Think Service; Talk Service; Teach Service; and finally, to Give Service.' Then, the whole society will become very vibrant and the people will not be that fearful.

Anonymous said...

Anon April 27, 2010 10:28 AM wrote: I live in the Holland Rd area. Every landed home has 1 car,maid and they are all happy with the current situation. Fully air-coned homes and peacefull. Shop at Cold Storage and wine & dine at Dempsey Road.. whats the issue? Most earn at least 200K per annum.. whats the issue?

Mind you, not all wealthy types will vote for PAP. I, for one, will cast my vote the other way.

Anonymous said...

REX comments further on conspiracy's post.

I forgot to mention another thing. You alluded that the govt has little control over cost of living in various day to day expenses.

I had already quote you one direct example above where the govt can reduce the cost of living whilst not increasing its operating cost (the GST on electricity, remember?)

Here is the next exmaple.

Car Parks.

In Serangoon Central where the bus interchange is, there used to be a coupon parking system where you can get free parking if you come in before about 8 am or so. Lorries used to load and unload their stuff to the market. Motorists also park for about 20 mins or so to pick up fresh food from the wet market. It is nice.

After they implemented the electronic parking, you've got to pay and pay everytime you entire (except sunday). So anyone who does marketing in the early morning, when there is not much traffic, must still pay for the carpark use (typically 40 cents for a 20 minute marketing trip). I think the big lorries who unload their stuffs also have to pay. This additional cost is unnecessary.

Free parking where reasonable, should be standardised and more widespread on state land. I strongly feel that charges should be levied only if there is a real increase in operating cost for the associated usage of a facility. This does not apply to car parks, particulary in the one mentioned.

There is no issue at all, but the govt just want to squeeze every cent out of the ordinary citizens to feed the Pigs And Piglets. It is very frustrating to see the citizenry bullied so much whilst they continue to earn obscene salaries.


Anonymous said...

Soon we will have to pay for the air we breathe.

Recently the ICA has introduced equipment that can detect viruses at our borders.. yes... we will have to pay for that too.. best thing is.. we did'nt ask for it either!

Can I "opt-out" to breathe? I will buy my own air....

Anonymous said...

Mr Tan, the GE is definitely round the corner with the NMP passed. The ruling party will use NMP as voice for opposition. We need you and good people to at least win 1 GRC or few single wards to wake the PAP up. I hope that the opposition contesting will do more walkabouts now

Anonymous said...

To conspiracy @11.45am

And I am not finished yet. One more to debunk your theory that "the govt cannot do anything to control the cost of living because external factors are involved".

Domestic Maids Govt. Tax.

Maids are not necessary a luxury item. Some families with old parents and young kids need maids. The government CHARGE 50% TAX on maid's salary. You pay the maid $330 and you pay the govt. $170 every month. Every maid is a free flow of money to the government, there is no incremental operating cost to the goverhment when a new maid is brought in, why must govt charge $170 (50%) levy on maids? A 2 year contract of a maid to look after elderly person in Singapore, will force a family to pay $2,000 to the goverhment. What is the logic????!!!! To discourage young couples to have children? To force very old and frail people to cook their own food and do their own housework?

Long ago, i think the idea was to discourage maids inflow, as they affect the social makeup of Singapore. But this policy is history, just take a walk along Little India or hang out in Little Mynamar, Little China et al

Maids for domestic use should at most attract a 10% levy!! It is not the same as getting foreign labour for commercial profit driven purpose.

the government has the power to lower the cost of living in one way or other But they are not interested because this goverhment looks at business issues only, it is preoccupied and completely obssessed with other pursuits most of the time. Citizen's welfare and the cost of living for lower income group is not on their radar screen.

Mr Conspiracy, your comments please?


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