Saturday, October 30, 2010

Keep server in full service

I engaged a local IT outsourcing contract (Typent) on a monthly contact to monitor my server and look out for cyber attacks and hardware failure. Details of the arrangement are found here.

My server went down today and was out of service for more than two hours. The data center rebooted the server on my request, but it did not work. I asked Typent to went down to the site to identify and fix the problem. It was important that my servers should be fully operational. This was a useful service provided by Typent, as they are familiar with servers. The fault was identified and rectified. The server became operational within one hour. The actual cause was a failure of a hardware switch in the data center, and not with my server.

It is useful to have a service that can be called on, in case of an emergency.  Without this service, it would haev been difficult for me or my developer to fix the problem.

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